Bicolor Basslet

Bicolor Basslet

Lipogramma klayi


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The Bicolor Basslet(Lipogramma Klayi) is a striking deepwater Basslet, collected in the Caribbean This Basslet is incredibly rare, due to its habitat, which can exceed 300 feet below the surface.

The coloration of the Bicolor Basslet is similar to Gramma loreto, but it most definitely would not be mistaken for one. L. klayi has a beautiful tinted sapphire dorsal fin, as well as the colors are a little bit more subtle. The Bicolor Basslet still has the trademark brilliant purple and yellow body, but has the colors crossing over on each side, to create yellow and purple spots.

The Bicolor Basslet, like the other Lipogramma’s, stays relatively small, and maxes out at around 3”. That, and it’s reclusive nature, means this Basslet will do fine in tanks as small as 30 gallons. The team at Among The Reef recommends an aquarium small enough to be able to enjoy the gorgeous coloration of the Bicolor Basslet.

The diet for the Bicolor Basslet is a meaty frozen food, such as mysis, or brine. Smaller pieces in the beginning will entice the fish to eat. L. klayi does live at deep depths in the ocean, so subdued lighting and numerous hiding spots will encourage this fish to be more active in the home aquarium. Normal reef temperatures will be fine for this fish.  If you have any questions about the Bicolor Basslet, or wondering how it will do in your tank, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Among The Reef.
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