French Butterflyfish

French Butterflyfish

Prognathodes guyanensis)


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The French Butterflyfish(Prognathodes guyanensis) is an extremely rare deepwater fish, and is a must have for any Butterfly aficionado. This fish is collected in extremely deep depths from the Caribbean, and is usually only seen by submarines. However, with advanced  diving technology, the French Butterfly has started to trickle into the aquarium trade. well. P. guyanensis is one of the, if not the, most beautiful Butterfly coming from the Caribbean.

The coloration and shape of the French Butterflyfish have similarities to the deepwater Hawaiian fish, such as C. Tinkeri and C. Declivis, with it’s black stripes and serrated dorsal fins. However, P. guyanensis has a yellowish body coming up from its anal fins, and the body transitions to a more grey color nearing the head of the animal. The Butterflyfish also has brilliant yellow stripes over its stomach.

The French Butterflyfish reaches a max size of 5”, which means it is suitable to keep in tanks 75 gallons or larger. This Butterfly does live at extremely deep depths, but easily adapts to normal reef lighting and temperatures. P. Guyanensis is still a Butterflyfish, and it primarily picks on soft corals in its natural habitat. However, many aquarium owners have reported minimal nipping of corals in SPS dominated reef tanks. The French Butterflyfish is said to be the most “reef safe” Butterflyfish, due to no photosynthetic corals living as deep as where it resides.

The diet for the French Butterflyfish should consist of nutritious frozen food, although live brine may be necessary to entice the fish to eat when it is first introduced. The aquarium where this fish will live, should have caves and numerous hiding places for P. guyanensis to hide at first, but then the fish will become bolder once it feels comfortable. The French Butterflyfish is a stunning addition to any tank. Please do not hesitate to contact us at Among The Reef if you have any questions about this beautiful animal.

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