Protocols and Conditioning

Our four-stage conditioning protocol for fish that we acquire begins with acclimation and continues through three additional holding systems with a proprietary blend of medications in each system. Nearly all fish go through every single stage with exception to some captive bred individuals and sensitive fish that require more tailored conditioning. We have a biologist on staff collecting samples from our fish throughout each stage of the conditioning process to assure that they as healthy as possible not only based on physical appearances and mannerisms, but also on a microscopic level. Finally, any fish that needs a little extra care, treatment, or time will get individualized care for anything that may pop up. In addition to our experienced husbandry team, we also work with a renowned veterinarian to be certain that our fish are in the absolute best condition when they arrive to you and that you can enjoy them in your tank for many years to come.


While many other fish distributors claim to sell fully “quarantined” fish, we will never make that same assertion. What we do guarantee is that we will send you healthy fish that are fully conditioned to living in captivity. We encourage everyone to quarantine fish for two main reasons: (1) quarantining allows a fish to transition into your tank with minimal stress and higher success rates, and (2) while we follow excessively strict measures to prevent the spread of all diseases throughout our four-stage conditioning protocol, there is always a possibility-albeit slight-for cross contamination in a commercial facility.


We have become an industry leader in providing the rarest fish in the world through building relationships and transparency with our clients. Please let us know if you have any questions.