Abe's Angelfish

Abe's Angelfish

Centropyge abei


Coral Sea

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This is as rare as it gets! With only half a dozen or so Centropyge abei in captivity in the world, this is the true holy grail angelfish. This striking angelfish hails from the deep waters of the Coral Sea and was collected at a crushing depth of 475' deep by the legendary Tim Bennett. Despite coming from so deep, she spends her time out and about in her tank with bright reef lighting and eats with gusto. This Abe's Angelfish is exceptionally curious and will stare right back at you, begging for more food!

This Centropyge abei was collected on September 1, 2019 at about 71.5º Fahrenheit. Since then, we have gradually increased the temperature of her tank up to 75º. This is a truly remarkable fish for the finest collector.

Purchase of this C. abei includes complimentary delivery and acclimation by the Among The Reef team anywhere in the continental United States. Please email jordan@amongthereef.com with any questions you may have.

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