African Flameback Angelfish

African Flameback Angelfish

Centropyge acanthops




Mauritius Islands

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The Flameback Angelfish is a very small and attractive angel. With only a maximum adult size of 3 inches, the Flameback Angel can be a great addition to most aquariums, as long as they are 55 gallons or larger.

Flameback Angels are known for their deep blue bodies and bright orange-yellow coloration that extend from their head along their back. The Flameback Angelfish are found throughout Africa including the Maldives, Madagascar and the Seychelles.

The Flameback Angels like other dwarf angels can be somewhat aggressive to other similar species, so in smaller tanks it’s advised to only keep one dwarf angel species. The Flameback Angel can also pick and nip at hard and soft corals and clams, so although somewhat reef safe, take caution when adding a Flameback Angel to your reef tank.

The Flameback Angelfish like most other angels are omnivores, so they need a varied diet. Their diet should consist of algae, Spirulina, and mysis shrimp. Having a nice amount of live rock will help the Flameback Angel adjust to life in your aquarium, by having places to hide and algae to graze on.
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