Black Cap Basslet

Black Cap Basslet

Gramma melacara





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The Black Cap Basslet is a stunning purple basslet that makes a great addition to any reef tank. The Black Cap Basslet has a stunning purple body with a deep purple and black top. The Black Cap Basslet can certainly add a very nice dash of color to your reef tank. They are also fairly easy to keep and low maintenance.

The Black Cap Basslet can reach a fully grown adult size of 4 inches, meaning they can be kept in an aquarium as small as 20 gallons. Unless you have a pretty large tank, you should not keep multiple Basslets together, since they can become territorial and aggressive to similar species over time. The Black Cap Basslet is considered reef safe, since they do not bother corals and can only harm the smallest of invertebrates and fish.

Black Cap Basselts are carnivores, needing a diet rich in meaty foods. They will thrive on various pods found in an established tank. Foods such as mysis shrimp and other small meaty foods will really help your Black Cap Basselt do well in your tank.
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