Blotched Anthias

Blotched Anthias

Odontanthias borbonius




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The Blotched Anthias is one of the most prized of all reef fish. The Blotched Anthias has become so popular since it is a very hard to find fish and because of its unique pink and yellow coloration.

Since the Blotched Anthias is a deep water anthias, it requires a slightly lower temperate tank. Also there needs to be an area of the tank which has lower lighting. Over time the Blotched Anthias should be able to adapt to more intense reef lighting. Being a deep water species, the Blotched Anthias is harder to be collected, adding to its scarce availability.

The Blotched Anthias has a mostly pink body with a series of horizontal and vertical yellow stripes along its body. The Blotched Anthias has mostly yellow fins with pink lining. The Blotched Anthias max out at about 6 inches in full adult form, so they can be kept in a tank as small as 90 gallons. Larger tanks are recommended for those wanting to keep multiple Blotched Anthias.

Lots of live rock should be in your tank for Blotched Anthias to thrive. The rock will provide lots of cover from lighting and areas to hide if spooked. Blotched Anthias should be fed multiple times per day with a variety of meaty foods such as mysis and brine shrimp. Some will even start to eat flake food over time.
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