Medium Blue Tang

Medium Blue Tang

Paracanthurus hepatus




Papau New Guinea

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The Blue Tang is one of the most well know of all saltwater fish. Due to its exposure as the character Dory, Blue Tangs have become extremely popular in both pop culture and the aquarium trade.

Blue Tangs are very hard fish to keep, and should not be attempted by the beginner aquarist. Since the Blue Tang is so popular from its movie roles, many will be purchased by people that are not ready or have the adequate setup to keep this fish. Please contact us if you are not an advanced aquarist to see if a Blue Tang is a good fit for your skill level and tank size.

Blue Tangs can grow to over 12 inches in length and require a tank that is at least 180 gallons in size, since they are such strong swimmers. Blue Tangs are also very disease prone and will often be the first to display symptoms of ich and lateral line erosion.

Blue Tangs have a solid blue body with a black mark extending from their eyes all the way to the back of their bodies. Blue Tangs also have bright yellow and black fins.

Blue Tangs are 100% reef safe and will not bother coral or inverts found in reef tanks. They can be aggressive to other tangs though. Aggression really only comes down to the individual fish. Blue Tangs are herbivores and require a diet rich in greens. Foods such as Nori, Spirulina, high quality flake and pellet foods and mysis shrimp are great for Blue Tangs and should help them thrive in your tank.

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