Blue Spot Stingray

Blue Spot Stingray

Taeniura lymma

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Papua New Guinea

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The Blue Spot Stingray is one of the most beautiful and stunning stingray available for the home aquarist. Blue Spot Stingrays have a mostly yellow flat body with many electric blue spots on it. The Blue Spot Stingray also has a long venomous tail. You must take extreme care when handling or being around a Blue Spot Stingray as to not get stung.

Blue Spot Stingrays reach a maximum adult site of around 14 inches and need to be kept in a tank that is at least 135 gallons. Blue Spot Stingrays also need a tank with a thick sand bed of fine grained sand. Blue Spot Stingrays will burrow under the sand and can be scratched by rougher substrates.

Blue Spot Stingrays will eat any inverts or smaller fish they can find. For this reason they are not the best choice for reef tanks. Blue Spot Stingrays will be peaceful to other fish and do very well in FOWLR tanks.

Being carnivores, Blue Spot Stingrays need a diet rich in meaty foods. Foods such as live feeder shrimp can be used to get Blue Spot Stingrays used to eating in aquarium life. Over time high quality chunks of frozen or fresh seafood can be fed to your Blue Spot Stingray. Blue Spot Stingrays are not very hardy fish when kept in aquariums, so they should only be kept by advanced aquarists.

If you have any questions about the Blue Spot Stingray and if it’s the right fish for you tank, please feel free to contact us at any time.
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