Blueface Angelfish - Orange Sumatra

Blueface Angelfish - Orange Sumatra

Pomacanthus xanthometopon




Sumatra Indonesia

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The Blueface Angelfish is a stunning large angelfish. At 15 inches when fully mature, the Blueface Angelfish requires a tank of at least 180 gallons to flourish.

In its juvenile state, the Blueface Angelfish is a solid dark blue color with vertical electric blue and white lines running along the length of its body. In its mature form, the Blueface Angelfish has more of a yellow body with a blue face with black markings.

The Blueface Angelfish should not be housed in a reef aquarium, since it is known to nip at SPS and soft corals. The Blueface Angelfish can also take a liking to clam mantles. People have kept Blueface Angelfish in reef aquariums, but it’s pretty rare to end up with a reef safe Blueface Angelfish.

The Blueface Angel can be aggressive to other Angelfish, so it’s normally a good idea to only house the Blueface Angel as the only angelfish in a tank. Having a lot of rock is preferred when keeping a Blueface Angel, so they will have plenty of areas to hide and algae to graze on.

The Blueface Angel is an omnivore, so foods such as mysis shrimp, spirulina and algae should be provided to your Blueface Angel. Housed in an aquarium large enough and with the proper diet and tank mates, the Blueface Angelfish will definitely be a showpiece fish in any aquarium.
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