Candy Basslet

Candy Basslet

Liopropoma carmabi


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The Candy Basslet(Liopropoma carmabi) is an extremely rare, deepwater basslet, which provides exhilarating colors to any saltwater aquarium. This fish is on many “holy grail” lists in the aquarium hobby.  This particular Basslet is found at depths ranging from 80 to 250 ft below the surface.

The coloration of the Candy Basslet has been described as one of the most beautiful fish we can keep in aquariums, and is often difficult to photograph, due to the bright colors. The Candy Basslet has an orange background, that has bright purple and red lines running down the length of the body. The Basslet also has a dark blue on its caudal and dorsal fins. L. carmabi has been said to be one of the most beautiful fish that we can keep in aquaria, and seem to glow with the right lighting.

The Candy Basslet has brilliant colors, but a small body, with a reported max size of 2.5”. The reclusive nature of this fish, means it requires a smaller reef aquarium such as a 30 gallon tank. The team at Among The Reef recommends an aquarium small enough to be able to enjoy the gorgeous coloration of the Candy Basslet.

The diet for the Candy Basslet is a meaty frozen food, such as mysis, or brine. Smaller pieces in the beginning will entice the fish to eat. L. carmabi is a fish that comes from deep water, so it may be reclusive when first added to the aquarium. If you have any questions about the Candy Basslet, or wondering how it will do in your tank, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Among The Reef.
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