Choati Wrasse

Choati Wrasse

Macropharyngodon choati






2" - 3"

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Native to Australia, the Choati Wrasse is a rare and prized member of the leopard wrasses as they are a challenge to adapt to captivity. Recognized for their bright orange and white coloration, the Choati Wrasse is the least sexually dimorphic of its genus. 

Choati Wrasse grow up to 4" in length and have a strong fight or flight response. They require a tight fitting lid and fine, sandy substrate at least 2" deep to bury themselves in. Do not be surprised if they disappear for the first few days in the tank as they may bury themselves to hide as they acclimate. 

The Choati Wrasse's diet include most meaty foods such as mysids, brine shrimp, clam, and shrimp. A thriving refugium and ample live rock is recommended to supplement copepods and amphipods to stimulate their natural foraging behavior. While this wrasse may forage off live rock, they should be soft and stony coral safe.


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