Colin's Angelfish

Colin's Angelfish

Paracentropyge colini



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The Colin's Angelfish is  a very rare, distinctive, and beautiful angel in the paracentropyge genus. Similar to the Venustus Angelfish this fish sports a deep purple color along the dorsal fin with a bright yellow body. The Colin's Angel will really benefit from having lots of established rock in the tank, where it can hide and have algae to graze on. 

The Colin's Angel will normally get along with other dwarf angels, but as they mature you might begin to see some aggressive between it and other dwarf angelfish over areas of the tank. Like most dwarf angelfish, it is not recommend that you add a Colin's Angel to a reef aquarium, since they have been known to pick and nip at corals and inverts like clams. People have successfully kept Colin's Angels in reef tanks, but it’s really up to the individual personality of the fish.

To really flourish, the Colin's Angel really needs a diet rich in sponges, algae, mysis shrimp and Spirulina. With the right diet and tank conditions, once a Colin's Angel is established, it will be an amazing addition to your tank.

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