Large Gem Tang

Large Gem Tang

Zebrasoma gemmatum






5" - 6"

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The Gem Tang is one of the most sought after and pricey fish you can keep in a marine aquarium. Gem Tangs are distinguished by their black bodies covered in white spots and a yellow tail.

Gem Tangs are one of the larger species of Zebrasoma tangs. They generally can easily reach a size of 9 inches in an aquarium. They should also only be kept in tanks larger than 220 gallons to have adequate swimming space.

The Gem Tang is a rather peaceful fish, but might show aggression to other similarly shaped Zebrasoma tangs. When adding multiple Gem Tangs or Zebrasoma tangs, it’s generally a better idea to add them all at once to lower the chances of aggression. Gem Tangs are also a great addition to reef tanks, since they will not bother inverts or coral species.

Gem Tangs are herbivores and require a diet very rich in green foods. Having lots of established live rock is a good idea, since it will provide lots of algae for Gem Tangs to graze on. Foods such as nori, flake foods, high quality pellets and Mysis shrimp will help your Gem Tang flourish in your tank.

Gem Tangs have such a high price tag since they are extremely rare and hard to find. They are also only found in one area of the world in Southern Africa, in Mauritius and Madagascar.

If you are lucky enough to find a Gem Tang in stock and available, the Gem Tang is an excellent and rare showpiece fish to add your reef or fish only tank. Gem Tangs have also been known to live for decades, making them a good investment if kept healthy and stress free.
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