Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish

Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish

Premnas epigramma




Sumatra Indonesia

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The Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish is a very close relative to the standard Maroon Clownfish. Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish have a deep red body with three strong vertical yellow stripes lined in white.

Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish reach a maximum adult size of around 6 inches and need to be kept in tanks that are at least 29 gallons in size. Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish are aggressive fish and should only be kept in mated pairs. Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish will often be aggressive to smaller fish and other clownfish species. For being smaller, they can defend themselves well against larger fish. Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish will also host in anemones whose sting they are immune to, but will keep predators away.

Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish are considered reef safe fish and should not both coral or inverts found in reef tanks. Also having anemones in your reef tank will also greatly benefit your Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish.

Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish are very aggressive eaters and are omnivores and require a diet both reach in meaty foods and green foods. Foods such as mysis and brine shrimp, high quality frozen foods and high quality flake and pellet foods will help keep your Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish nice and healthy. So it is important to not use a net when moving Goldstripe stripe Maroon Clownfish, since they can easily be damaged. It is a better idea to use an acrylic fish container.

Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have any questions about the Goldstripe Maroon Clownfish and if it’s the right fish for your system.
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