Interruptus Angelfish

Interruptus Angelfish

Centropyge interrupta






4 cm
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The Interruptus Angelfish is by far one of the most beautiful dwarf Angelfish in the aquarium hobby and is a must for any angelfish aficionado.  Its popularity is mostly due to its smaller size of 6 inches and it has a gorgeous blue and orange coloration. Being that the Interruptus Angelfish only reaches 6 inches, it can be kept in tanks as small as 75 gallons.

The differences in coloration between adult and juvenile Interruptus Angelfishes are that blue overtakes the face of the Angelfish, and the brilliant orange no longer is quite as apparent. It’s incredibly hard to differentiate sex with Interruptus Angelfishes.

Although the  Interruptus Angelfish stays rather small, care must be taken when adding multiple centropyge species to the same tank. Larger tanks should allow you to keep multiple dwarf Angelfish together. An Interruptus Angelfish makes a brilliant addition to any tank, Fish-Only, or Reef. Interruptus Angelfish are still part of the Genus Centropyge, which have been known to pick and nip at hard and soft corals, as well as clams. Interruptus Angelfish, however, are arguably one of the least prone to nip at corals. They may be enticed by meaty LPS polyps such as acans, but SPS, Euphyllia, and certain softies should be fine. Every dwarf angel has a different personality, so some may nip at coral more than others.

The diet for an Interruptus Angelfish should consist of Mysis shrimp, algae, and spirulina algae. Having a good amount of live rock is also beneficial to Interruptus Angelfish since they will have places to hide if threatened and also algae to graze on during the day. The Interruptus Angelfish is also a deepwater fish and may get scared by the bright reef lights that go on reef tanks. It is advised to have multiple caves available for this fish, in order to provide necessary hiding spots, especially during the acclimation period.

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