Male Bellus Angelfish

Male Bellus Angelfish

Genicanthus bellus



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The Bellus Angelfish is one of the only Angelfish that are thought to be reef safe. While most species of angelfish are known to nip at corals, the Bellus is one of the least likely to take a liking to your coral.

The Bellus Angelfish also displays different coloration based on their sex. This is a rare trait in angelfish, which the Bellus being one of the only known species to do this. The male Bellus Angelfish is more of a pale silver/white with yellow markings, while the female is more of a dark blue with black and red markings.

Bellus Angelfish start life as females, and without a female in the tank, a male can change back to female. Bellus Angelfish are often best kept in male-female pairs. The variation in color from male to female, also make keeping a pair of Bellus Angels a truly stunning addition to your aquarium.

Bellus Angel fish are also not a very large species of angelfish. With a maximum size of 7 inches, Bellus Angelfish can do well in a moderate sized aquarium of around 125 gallons. They are somewhat hardy and should be kept by intermediate aquarists.

Bellus Angelfish are Omnivores, so they should be given meaty foods. Food like mysis shrimp and brine shrimp with a marine algae mixed into their diet will really help your Bellus Angelfish flourish.
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