Marginalis Butterflyfish Large

Marginalis Butterflyfish Large

Chelmon marginalis






5" - 6"

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The Marginalis Butterflyfish is a stunning and great addition to any tanks. With its bright white, orange and yellow coloration, the Marginalis Butterfly is one of the prettiest of all reef fish.

For the most part, the Marginalis Butterflyfish is considered reef safe. They have been known to nip and eat some corals and inverts though. It’s really up to the personality of each individual fish if you end up with a reef safe Marginalis Butterfly. One very common use for the Marginalis Butterfly is to aid with the removal of aiptasia. Not all Marginalis Butterflyfish develop a taste for the pest though.

The Marginalis Butterflyfish has a silvery-white body with thick orange and yellow vertical strips and fins. They are very distinctive but often confused with a Copperband Butterflyfish. The Marginalis Butterfly needs a diet rich in meaty foods.
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