Mauritius Tiger Tail Coral Beauty

Mauritius Tiger Tail Coral Beauty

Centropyge bispinosa




Mauritius Islands



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The Coral Beauty Angelfish is one of the most stunning of all the dwarf angelfish. Coral Beauty Angels have a dark blue body with stunning yellow and orange highlights. They are an attention grabber in any aquarium.

With a maximum size of 4 inches, the Coral Beauty Angelfish can be kept in aquariums as small as 55 gallons. In smaller systems, only one dwarf angelfish should be kept. Coral Beauty Angels can get very territorial and if kept with other dwarf angels in a smaller system, aggression can occur. With a big enough aquarium, multiple dwarf angels have the possibility of co-existing.

Coral Beauty Angelfish are not the best choice for reef aquariums. They have been known to pick and nip at soft and hard corals, as well as bother clams. Coral Beauties have been kept in reef tanks successfully, but it’s really luck of the draw and up to the personality of the individual fish.

As an omnivore, the Coral Beauty Angelfish needs a diet of algae, mysis shrimp and Spirulina. Having established live rock will also give the Coral Beauty algae to graze on. With the right care and diet, the Coral Beauty Angelfish can really bring a stunning splash of color to your aquarium.
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