Medium Male Watanabei Angelfish

Medium Male Watanabei Angelfish

Genicanthus watanabei




Papua New Guinea

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The Watanabei Angelfish is one of the very rare species of full sized angelfish that are reef safe. The Watanabei Angel tends to stay rather small, so can make good additions to moderately sized reefs.

Male and female Watanabei Angels differ in appearance, with the male being slightly more sought after. Both males and females have a silvery white body with dark fins. The male has the lower portion of its body covered by dark horizontal stripes. With a maximum size of 6 inches, the Watanabei Angel can be kept in tanks as small as 125 gallons.

The Watanabei Angels are pretty docile, so they should be able to be kept with other non-aggressive angelfish. Also the Watanabei Angelfish is considered mostly reef safe, meaning it shouldn’t nip at corals or inverts. It is possible that a Watanabei Angel can start to nip corals, so you should proceed with caution if wanting to add one to your reef tank.

Watanabei Angels need a tank with lots of established rock, so they have hiding places and algae to graze on. It is recommended that you acclimate Watanabei Angels slowly to bright lights found in reef tank. Also for Watanabei Angels to thrive, they need a diet rich in algae, Spirulina and mysis shrimp.
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