Queen Angelfish

Queen Angelfish

Holacanthus ciliaris



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The Queen Angelfish is one of the most regarded and in demand of all the larger angels. At 18 inches the adult Queen Angel is really a fish to behold. It is sure to be the showpiece fish in just about any aquarium.

As a juvenile, the Queen Angel has a yellow body which gets darker towards the rear of the fish with light blue vertical stripes. As the Queen Angel matures, the body turns mostly a mix of yellow and blue with golden highlights. They also have a blue spot above their eyes and yellow fins.

Queen Angelfish can be aggressive to other angelfish in smaller aquariums, but are really a sight to behold when they car kept in male female pairs. Since the Queen Angel can reach 18 inches as an adult, it really needs to be kept in an aquarium that is at least 220 gallons in size. A lot of established rock will help the Queen Angel get adjusted to life in an aquarium, since it will have hiding places and algae to graze on.

Queen Angels, like most angelfish, have a habit of nipping and picking at hard and soft corals, as well as clams. So if you plan on introducing them to your reef tank, make sure that you proceed with caution. As an omnivore, the Queen Angel should have a diet rich in Spirulina, algae and mysis shrimp. Multiple daily feedings should also help your Queen Angel thrive.
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