Racoon Butterflyfish

Racoon Butterflyfish

Chaetodon lunula




Mauritius Islands

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The Raccoon Butterflyfish is a beautiful and striking butterflyfish. Raccoon Butterflyfish have a yellow body with various thick black stripes and a black mask over its face.

Raccoon Butterflyfish can reach a fully grown size of around 8 inches and need to be kept in an aquarium no smaller than 90 gallons. Raccoon Butterflyfish are fairly hardy and are a decent choice for even beginner aquarists. Raccoon Butterflyfish are rather peaceful fish and will get along with most other peaceful and semi-aggressive fish, including other butterfly fish.

Raccoon Butterflyfish are not considered reef safe. They have the knack of nipping and eating some species of coral and will also eat some of the inverts that are essential to keeping a thriving reef tank. Some people have successfully kept Raccoon Butterflyfish in reef tanks, but it really comes down the luck of the draw and the personality of each fish.

Raccoon Butterflyfish are omnivores and need a diet rich in both meaty and green foods. Foods such as mysis and brine shrimp, marine invert chunks, anemones and high quality frozen foods will help your Raccoon Butterflyfish grown and flourish.

Make sure you contact us if you have any questions about the Raccoon Butterflyfish, and if it’s the right fish for your aquarium.
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