Scopas Koi Tang

Scopas Koi Tang

Zebrasoma scopas



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The Scopas Tang is a very unique and not often seen surgeonfish. Scopas Tangs have a dark brown blackish body with various light colored spots covering its entire body. Scopas Tangs are a great priced alternative to the very expensive Black Tang as well.

Scopas Tangs can grow up to 12 inches and need to be housed in an aquarium that is at least 125 gallons in size. Scopas Tangs are fairly peaceful fish and can be kept with most fish, coral and inverts making them a great choice for reef tanks.

The only issue with Scopas Tangs arise when they are kept with other tangs, especially other Zebrasoma tangs. Having multiple tangs in the same tank can lead to aggression problems. If you plan on having multiple tangs in one tank, then you should try to introduce them all at once and have as large of tank as possible.

Scopas Tangs are fairly hardy fish when compared to other tangs. It is still a good idea to add supplements like selcon and garlic to their food to keep their immune system up. Having lots of live rock is also a good idea, since it will provide them plenty of algae to graze on between feedings.

Being herbivores, Scopas Tangs need a diet rich in green foods. Foods such as nori, algae sheets, high quality pellet and flake foods and mysis shrimp will keep your Scopas Tang nice and healthy.

If you have any questions about if a Scopas Tang is the right fish for your system, please feel free to contact us at any time.
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