Scott's Fairy Wrasse

Scott's Fairy Wrasse

Cirrhilabrus scottorum





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The Scott's Fairy Wrasse is a stunning and super colorful fairy wrasse. Scott's Fairy Wrasses have a multicolored body with strong blue, red and yellow markings. Scott's Fairy Wrasses from the Cook Islands have a bright pink spot on their body as well. Male Scott's Fairy Wrasses tend to be a bit more colorful as well.

Scott's Fairy Wrasses reach a maximum adult size of around 5 inches and can be kept in tanks that are at least 90 gallons in size. Scott's Fairy Wrasses are very peaceful fish and will not bother other fish, coral or inverts in reef tanks. Scott's Fairy Wrasses should also get along with other wrasses, although in smaller tanks there might be some aggression between two males.

Scott's Fairy Wrasses need to be kept in tanks that have a light fitting lid with no holes large enough for them to jump through. Scott's Fairy Wrasses are strong jumpers and will jump if they get spooked. Having a lot of established live rock will also provide hiding places for the Scott's Fairy Wrasse if it gets spooked and also little inverts for it to eat between feedings.

Scott's Fairy Wrasses are carnivores and require a diet heavy in meaty foods. Foods such as mysis and brine shrimp, high quality meaty frozen foods and high quality pellet and flake foods will help your Scott's Fairy Wrasse grow and thrive.
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