Small Atlantic Blue Tang

Small Atlantic Blue Tang

Acanthurus coeruleus





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The Atlantic Blue Tang is a stunning all blue surgeonfish found throughout the Caribbean. Atlantic Blue Tangs have a sleek body with a fully blue body. As juveniles, the Atlantic Blue Tang has a fully yellow body with blue highlights on its fins. As it ages, the body starts to turn blue with the tail going from yellow to blue last.

Atlantic Blue Tangs can reach a fully grown adult size of 15 inches and need an aquarium that is at least 125 gallons in size. The Atlantic Blue Tang is a very active swimmer and will do better in longer tanks. Atlantic Blue Tangs are pretty much peaceful fish to other non-tang species. Atlantic Blue Tangs can be very aggressive to other tangs, especially those in the Acanthurus family. If you plan to have multiple tangs in your tank, make sure it is a larger tank to reduce the chance of aggression. Otherwise Atlantic Blue Tangs are 100% reef safe fish.

Atlantic Blue Tangs can be very prone to marine ich, so it is absolutely crucial that you quarantine an Atlantic Blue Tang before you add it to your tank. Other than ich, Atlantic Blue Tangs are fairly hardy fish.

Atlantic Blue Tangs are herbivores and need a diet rich in green foods. Foods such as nori, marine algae sheets, spirulina, high quality pellet and flake foods and mysis shrimp are great foods to help your Atlantic Blue Tang grow and flourish. Also adding supplements like Selcon will help your Atlantic Blue Tang thrive.

If you have any questions about the Atlantic Blue Tang and if it’s the right fish for your tank, please feel free to contact us at any time.
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