Threeline Basslet

Threeline Basslet

Lipogramma trilineatum


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The Three Lined Basslet(Lipogramma trilineatum) is a beautiful and rare Basslet, found in the deep Caribbean. The coloration of the Three Lined Basslet is a dark amber color, with a brilliant blue line running from the top of its eye down the body of the fish, on each side. The third line in the Three Lined Basslet is on its head, which is the same electric blue color.


This fish stays incredibly small, with a reported max size of just under 1.5”. With such a small fish, and its reclusive nature, this fish is an ideal candidate for a showpiece fish in a nano tank, but can still thrive in larger tanks as well. As this fish is from deep water, keeping it in colder reef temperatures will allow this fish to thrive. Please contact the team at Among The Reef if you have any questions on if this may be the right fish for you!

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